Catastrophic Care:

  • In times of trauma or unexpected illness, a critical care center can feel like an atmosphere of chaos, confusion and helplessness. In such cases, Senior Life Management (SLM) immediately assumes an advocacy role on behalf of the patient and his/her family, acting as a point-of-contact by conferring directly with physicians and other healthcare professionals.
  • We may then arrange an interdisciplinary team meeting with the medical staff in order to educate family members as to how they can best take an active role in their loved one’s care, to offer them a forum in which they feel heard and respected, and to prepare them for the difficult decisions ahead.
  • We are proud to say that, on multiple occasions, the impact of SLM’s involvement in these complex situations has had a life-changing impact for these families, and has proven to be the determining factor that ultimately allows all of the parties involved to successfully move forward.


Site Relocation:

  • From the start of services with SLM, the majority of our cases have benefitted from our team’s hands-on approach, as we jump right in to help transition a client’s living situation from a home, hospital, or skilled nursing facility to another protective setting of the client’s and his/her family’s choosing. SLM utilizes their expert knowledge and care to provide family members with relocation options such as Board & Care Homes, Memory Care units, or Assisted Living Facilities. It’s against our Code of Ethics to accept any referral fees from facilities, vendors or other service entities.


Transfer of International Clients:

  • By collaborating with healthcare professionals, legal offices, and government entities located locally and overseas, as well as expertly addressing all of the clinical considerations and logistical challenges, SLM has successfully been able to bring medically and cognitively-impaired seniors from Japan and China into the U.S.
  • Once on domestic soil, we also take the wheel when it comes to creating a new plan to meet their comprehensive care needs. Having already been in close conference with their overseas physicians prior to their departure, we can ensure as smooth a transition as possible in their continued medical care.


Case Management & Personal Services:

  • We create a customized 360° solution for each of our clients, tailored to suit his or her ever-changing lifestyle. Each of the “care components” that constitutes a part of the client’s comprehensive care plan, be it a residential facility, medical professional, or another outside service provider, is hand-selected and overseen by SLM. We keep a protective watch over our clientele in every aspect of their care, and are very vigilant in detecting any signs that could point toward elder abuse.
  • SLM also provides a personal driving service for those clients with cognitive impairment or dementia. Something as seemingly simple as getting to an appointment can be of paramount importance for our clientele in keeping current with their medical care and, for many whose families live outside of the immediate area, this sort of assistance can prove invaluable.



  • As a Licensed RN and Legal Nurse Consultant – Course Certified as well as a Certified Gerontologist, Certified Geriatric Care Manager, and Nationally Certified Case Manager (CCMC), SLM Founder Kari Buist-Baker is well-qualified to independently, and objectively, complete medical and cognitive assessments in order to determine fact from fiction when it comes to legal disputes. Her reports include recommendations.
  • SLM will provide reports for the DA and/or family court systems to support mediation of family disputes, which include recommendations to provide assured accuracy and advocacy on behalf of the client, as well as pertinent components to ensure viable solutions for the parties involved.