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Gifts for Older Adults


What to get for the “chronologically gifted?” The age-friendly ideas below address the special interests or concerns of persons in their later years.

Providing an experience. Don’t add to household clutter—give an activity! This way, you give the fun of anticipation as well as countless hours of enjoyment afterwards, remembering. Ideally, arrange the gift as something your loved one can do with someone—you or a friend. After all, “a joy shared is twice a joy.”

  • A gift card for a favorite restaurant.
  • A book of movie passes.
  • Tickets to a theater or musical performance.

Supporting connection. If your family member has been outrun by the pace of technology, a simple device might be fun. But only if you can be the tech advisor to set it up and maintain it! Or can provide for in-person tech help as part of the gift. Consider:

  • Fax-to-email converters. Your relative can write a note and put it in the machine to be emailed out to others. Conversely, a converter fax can receive emails to print out on paper. No computer or Internet required!
  • Simplified phones and tablets. These come with a special interface that has large buttons and limited options. Without the whiz-bang features older adults don’t need, these devices let non-techies enjoy the connective opportunities of the Internet.

Honoring cherished memories. Over time, your loved one has doubtless accumulated many fond memories of people and events. Reminiscing is fun, even if your relative has memory problems. Help your loved one savor recollections of beloved people and experiences with:

  • A puzzle made from family photos. Another, similar option is to have a blanket printed with photos of your choosing.
  • A digital photo frame. Connect a “smart frame” to Wi-Fi and you can even upload new pictures remotely. (Again, be sure to include tech assistance as part of the gift!)

Looking for distinctly practical gifts?

Perhaps your loved one needs help getting around. Or he or she may need a grab bar or other safety device. If you are concerned, give us a call at 949-716-1266. As the Orange County experts in family caregiving, we at Senior Life Management can do an assessment to give you a sense of the most appropriate device or services.

Accessible National Parks

national parks service

If the person you care for has trouble getting around, you can still go on a family vacation. Many of our national parks service has special accessibility programs. Our national parks service is our treasures, and park staff is working to ensure that all Americans have access.

To find the accessibility of national parks service, go to the National Park Service website. Select a park of interest. Under the “Plan Your Visit” menu, go to the page for Accessibility.

Here are some of the features you might find:

  • Accessible trails. These trails have a firm and stable surface. In fact, some are wood boardwalks. All are wide enough to accommodate a wheelchair. Not all of them are flat. Look for information about slope to make decisions about difficulty.
  • Accessible camping. A number of national parks offer accessible campsites. These campgrounds may have surfaces that are more groomed and stable. And they also have restrooms with wheelchair access.
  • Accessible opportunities. Some parks offer touchable exhibits for the visually impaired. Others have hearing systems that help amplify the sound of the ranger’s voice on a tour. Some parks have cabins that are built to accommodate wheelchairs.

America the Beautiful Passes

With an America the Beautiful Access Pass, the National Parks Service waives entrance fees for persons with permanent disabilities. The pass covers more than 2000 national parks and national wildlife refuges. To get the pass, applicants must mail in documents to prove their disability. They also need to prove citizenship or residency. A limited number of parks can issue the pass on site.

An Access Pass covers the admission price for a single, noncommercial vehicle. Or, admission for the disabled individual and up to three others for parks that charge a per-person fee. Plus, the pass may provide discounts beyond the entrance fee. For instance, there may be discounts on extra amenities, such as camping, swimming, and boat fees.

Thinking of a family vacation?

At Senior Life Management we have observed that a special family trip builds priceless memories. Don’t let a disability quash the thought! As the Orange County experts in family caregiving, we can help you identify needed support services and find an outing that matches well with your loved one’s abilities. Give us a call at 949-716-1266.


Senior Life Management’s Intern Lands First Job

We are excited to announce that our latest intern, Brandi just landed her first job due in large part to her internship with SLM through the University of La Verne’s Master of Gerontology program…

“Hi Kari,

I just wanted to say thank you again for the intern opportunity again. It gave me more experience in the gerontology field and helped me land my first job as an activities assistant, which I will be starting tomorrow. Thank you so much and I hope to keep in touch with you!”


We look forward to continuing our relationship with the University of La Verne and other university internship programs to offer these exciting learning opportunities to other gerontology students.

Church Offers Help to Family Caregivers

I founded Senior Life Management with the belief that everything we do should assist seniors, the disabled, and their families. Since many of you are struggling with the care of older adult family members, this is what a local church coordinated:

From the Congregational Care Annual Report of Presbyterian Church of the Master in Mission Viejo, CA where I offered my Beacon of Hope series…

“Gerontologist and Registered Nurse, Kari Buist-Baker launched Beacon of Hope, a series of quarterly seminars focused on ‘The Challenges of Caregiving’ to provide support, education, resources and encouragement to caregivers and family members in our congregation and in the community. Her presentations in June, September and December addressed the aging process related to cognitive decline and Dementia, ethical standards of care, helpful community resources, the consequences of balancing caregiving with other family and job responsibilities, and the medication conundrum. The seminars ministered caring support and brought valuable information to over 80 people.”

In tandem with Beacon of Hope, a monthly Caregivers Support Group was launched by the church to care for caregivers struggling with the overwhelming demands of simultaneously caring for a loved one, holding down a job, and nurturing and maintaining good relationships with other family members. In this intimate setting, caregivers had the opportunity to safely share their experiences and challenges, discuss resources, and encourage and pray for one another.”

It is especially rewarding to see that my seminar had such long-lasting benefits to church members…

Pilgrims prevailed because they were humble enough to accept Indians’ help.

Humility is the heart of Thanksgiving, it takes humility to appreciate others’ contributions to our lives. True humility is capable of learning and adapting to changing circumstances. Therefore in its purest form humility can inspire both optimism and innovation, these are made possible when loss is refined by fire of principled perseverance.

Instructed by their principles and spurred on by hope, the Pilgrims acted on the strength of their commitment during a difficult voyage and first year, while enduring a grave crop failure and the deaths of almost half the 102 original Mayflower passengers. The Pilgrims learned practical skills from the American Indians that were necessary for survival.

The pilgrims’ experience reveals that many of our life accomplishments depend not only upon our individual talents, faith and personal commitment, but also upon our ability to learn from the wider web of principles, people and circumstances.

There is always someone to thank. Moreover, giving thanks for just one thing may also unleash myriad memories other people, successes, circumstances and simple kindnesses to be grateful for as we sit down to dinner this Thanksgiving Day.

  • Gleaned from an article in the OC Register

Free Community Wellness Fair

Fall Into Health & Happiness Autumn Festival

Saturday, October 6, 2012 – 10:00 am – 2:00 pm

Discover ways to improve the quality of your life now and in the future.

Casta del Sol Golf Course Restaurant

27601 Casta del Sol, Mission Viejo

(Outside Gate #1 off Marguerite between Alicia & Trabuco)

Free Drawings – Win a TV – Complimentary Refreshments

Useful & free information will be provided by:

Lifeline, Medi-Cal Consulting Services, Fitness 19, Sunrise Senior Living,

Yoga Works, Surterre Properties, Wells Fargo Advisors, Senior Life Management

Hosted by: Kari Buist-Baker, Casta del Sol Resident

& Founder of Senior Life Management, Inc.

For more information please call 949-716-1266