• Finding Help

    Finding Help Juggling the demands of home and work has never been more complicated. Grown children often live far from their aging parents. Women, the traditional family caregivers, are in the work force more than ever. And it is not uncommon for middle-aged people to have children still at home at …Read More »
  • Aging Life Care Association National Conference

    Aging Life Care Association National Conference in New York City. Amazing people, lots of valuable information and great resources.Read More »
  • Careers in Aging event @ University of La Verne

    Awesome Careers in Aging event @ University of La Verne! Lots of Gerontology student participation and the Alma mater of our internship program.Read More »

    A recent study by the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health calls family and unpaid caregivers the “invisible workforce” of the health care system. Released in the Feb. 15 JAMA Internal Medicine,  the study examined how caregivers’ involvement in older adults’ health care activities relates to caregiving responsibilities, supportive services use, …Read More »
  • Success for our client

    Martha’s permanent move to Iowa to be close to family:) Complex situation ? Yes !! Successful co-ordination to make it happen ? Yes !! HallelujahRead More »
  • Help prevent choking

    Swallowing involves the coordination of many muscles in the mouth and throat. The action pushes chewed food down toward the stomach. At the same time, the throat needs to close off the windpipe to the lungs. Read more on your education websiteRead More »
  • CSA Conference 2015

    Linda, our Certified Senior Adviser, attends her first annual conference in San Diego. She was learning the best methods on how to serve ore senior community as well as other CSAs from all over the nation.  Read More »
  • Last day with a wonderful new friend

    Kari Buist-Baker & Martha Lopez on their last day together. Martha completed her intern hours with us to finish up her Masters in Gerontology. Martha is a wonderful asset and will be greatly missed. The Senior Life Team wishes her the very best in her next endeavor.Read More »
  • When Dad resists a walker

    For many older adults, use of a walker carries great stigma. It’s a symbol of disability and often of isolation. In actual fact, a walker can be the key to staying safely and actively engaged with favorite activities. Read moreRead More »
  • 2015 Intern

    We are very pleased to introduce our 2015 intern Martha Zeledon-Lopez. Martha comes to us from the University of La Verne. She has a psychology & courtroom background and will soon receive a Masters in Gerontology. We know this will be an extremely beneficial relationship for all of us.Read More »
  • The post-discharge appointment

    Newly discharged patients are fragile and need special attention. As many as 20% end up back in the hospital within a month. A follow-up visit with the doctor can greatly reduce the chance of a relapse.  Read moreRead More »