• Accessible National Parks

    If the person you care for has trouble getting around, you can still go on a family vacation. Many of our national parks have special accessibility programs. Our parks are our treasures, and park staff are working to ensure that all Americans have access. To find a park with accessibility …Read More »
  • Advocating for a Good Night’s Sleep

    Sleep has been under-rated. There is no doubt that miracles occur daily in hospitals. But in the race to vanquish disease, simple things like sleep can get short shrift. Choosing Wisely, a white paper by the American Academy of Nursing, has listed several common hospital practices that unintentionally get in …Read More »
  • Is a new Medicare card in the mailbox?

      Beginning this month, Medicare started sending out new cards to all its members. The mailings will take place in waves. The person you care for may not receive theirs until later in the year. You don’t need to do anything. The new card will arrive automatically. (The only exception …Read More »
  • Is Breathing Difficult?

    If the person you care for has a lung condition, there may be times when breathing is a challenge. Start by noticing patterns: is there a time of day, type of activity, or emotional state that triggers the difficulty? Is the person sitting, lying, or standing? Consider these options: Home …Read More »
  • Memory loss and advance care planning

    If the person you care for has received a dementia diagnosis, talk with them NOW about their wishes for medical care at the end of life. It’s a critical time to update their advance care directive. For both your sakes, the sooner you start this conversation, the better. Are you …Read More »
  • Kari’s Communication Korner

    Helpful tips for family caregivers Boundaries, agreements, and jumping in to help. They are all a part of caring for an aging family member. Not an easy dance! In this month’s issue of our newsletter for family caregivers, we look at the common problem of too much empathy. Does that …Read More »
  • Managing your Relative’s Money

    At Senior Life Management, we have found that there usually comes a time when an older relative will need help handling finances for senior life care.  Certainly, everyone’s worst fear is falling prey to a scam. But less drastic circumstances can signal the need to have a talk.   Sensitive …Read More »
  • Finding Help

    Finding Help In an Aging Life Care Association Professional Juggling the demands of home and work has never been more complicated. Grown children often live far from their aging parents. Women, the traditional family caregivers, are in the work force more than ever. And it is not uncommon for middle-aged people …Read More »
  • Aging Life Care Association National Conference

    Aging Life Care Association National Conference Aging Life Care Association National Conference in New York City. Amazing people, lots of valuable information and great resources. Kari Buist-Baker attended the conference as an owner of Senior life management.Read More »
  • Careers in Aging event @ University of La Verne

    Care Management Organization an Event in Careers in Aging Peoples from care management organization was there to participate in the internship program. It was an awesome event in Careers in Aging event @ the University of La Verne! Lots of Gerontology student participation and the Alma mater of our internship program.Read More »

    Family Health Companion is The “Invisible Workforce”   A recent study by the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health calls family health companion is unpaid caregivers and the “invisible workforce” of the health care system. Released in the Feb. 15 JAMA Internal Medicine,  the study examined how family health companion’s involvement …Read More »