• Preparing for Cold and Flu Season

      Did you know that 60% of people with flu symptoms leave the house during their illness? Furthermore, 70% of them go to the drugstore. That’s a good reason to stay clear of the pharmacy during peak cold and flu season! Good preparation involves a lot more than a vaccine. …Read More »
  • Does Mom have a Drinking Problem?

      Alcohol use is on the rise among older adults. And it’s not easy to spot. Many of the signs resemble common problems of aging. And who wants to think that when Mom stumbles, for instance, it might be because of drink?! There’s a lot of shame associated with drinking, …Read More »
  • Preparing for Joint Replacement

    If your loved one is slated for joint surgery, don’t underestimate the impact. Expect that he or she will have reduced energy and greater needs. Limited mobility will create surprising challenges. Things you take for granted will need extra care and attention. Plus, the body simply needs time and energy …Read More »
  • Signature Strength: Wisdom

    Each of us has strengths . . . and, well, areas that could use improvement. As a family caregiver, you may often feel inadequate. Or guilty. Or think that you aren’t doing enough. Such negative self-assessments are common. A more balanced assessment would acknowledge that you also have qualities that …Read More »
  • Reducing the Risk of Falling

    Has your mother fallen recently? She’s not alone! One out of four older adults 65 and over experiences a fall each year. That makes falls the leading cause of injury for older adults. Falls are serious business. A few statistics: In the U.S. an older adult dies once every 20 minutes …Read More »
  • Thrifty or hoarding?

    We all accumulate belongings over the years. But when is it too much? According to Michael Tompkins, PhD, author of Digging Out: Helping Your Loved One Manage Clutter, Hoarding and Compulsive Acquiring, your family member may be in the early stages of hoarding if he or she: keeps parts of the home …Read More »
  • I don’t need your help part 3

    It’s not easy to lose abilities and admit you need help. The reluctant elder in your life is more likely to ease into acceptance if you provide good listening, compassion, and a commitment to working together. In this third installment of our series, we look at elders’ concerns around privacy …Read More »
  • Safe Traveling for Older Adults

    If Mom or Dad has summer vacation plans, be aware that older bodies are more vulnerable to the stresses of travel. Begin with a pre-trip appointment with the doctor. Suggest a meeting with the physician 4–8 weeks ahead of the vacation. Ask the doctor to assess overall health for travel. …Read More »
  • When you Need an Energy boost

    When caregiver fatigue strikes, many of us reach for caffeine. Whether it’s coffee, cola, chocolate, or an “energy shot” drink, the effects are immediate. Like a reliable friend, caffeine seems to help us keep going. Pros and cons Studies have shown many benefits from caffeine. It can enhance performance. It …Read More »
  • Opioid Addiction and Serious Illness

    Morphine, hydrocodone, fentanyl . . . with the opioid crisis in our country, it can be scary to hear that a frail or seriously ill relative needs this type of medicine. What are the risks of addiction? Fortunately, addiction is rarely an issue for individuals dealing with cancer or a …Read More »
  • I don’t Need Help” – Part 2

    Helpful tips for family caregivers Family caregivers face many decisions with life-altering consequences. In this July issue of our newsletter we explore the financial consequences—and possible remedies—of leaving your job to care for an aging relative. We look at the emotional consequences when an elder is facing the need for …Read More »