Welcome to the Future of Service!

Our Pledge to you

Advocate: We will provide support to you and your family to ensure that resources are used effectively. We will actively listen to and mediate conflicts with a focus on achieving a common goal and appropriate solution.

Liaison: We will be the communication link between you, family members, healthcare providers, vendors, doctors, facilities, and community resources.

Coordinator: We will evaluate the treatment options, plans, services and available benefits. We will communicate with pertinent parties to coordinate resources in promoting quality and cost-effective health care.

Negotiator: We will negotiate a cost that maximizes your insurance plans and minimizes the use of private finances. We will explore alternative funding upon identification of this resource need.

Educator: We will provide information to you and your family about proper health care actions and appropriate life-style settings. Proactive recommendations following the assessment period will be discussed.

Research-Investigator: We will explore possibilities to enhance the quality of life according to personal choices, the current health situation, and the potential for a positive outcome.

Mission Statement
Senior Life Management

We are the:

Spirit & Strength of Service with Compassion as We Navigate

Life Together to the Fullest While Aging in the

Midst of Existing & New Challenges.


Testimonials from clients:

“When we met with Kari, we were immediately impressed with her candor, along with her understanding of what services she could provide, how she was to provide them, what the local area offered the possible care facilities and other resources for Aunt Ida. Kari keeps us fully informed via email or telephone after every visit, and her information is complete and succinct. Her efforts made everything that Aunt Ida needed possible.”

— Elizabeth RN, BSN, MSN, Colonel USAF NC

“Kari has the ability to analyze a situation beyond the capacity of pure logic. She easily involves the outlook of those to whom her actions will have, at many time, a significant impact, The balance of these skills gives her a mix of perception, knowledge, and experience, with the addition of compassion and empathy. Her driving force has always been her wish to treat each individual, and his or her family, as she would want her own treated.”

— Kenneth A

Kari took a frustrating, overwhelming, and exhausting situation and completely turned it around. Within three months, she took care of all our mother’s immediate medical issues and got her into an Assisted Living facility, where our mother is now (finally) happily living. I don’t know what my family would have done without Kari’s guidance and assistance. As far as we’re concerned, she’s now a permanent member of the family! Thank you, Kari.”

— Gina R.